“Microsoft will die” scenario

These days everyone seems to have his own “Microsoft will die“ scenario. I just wanted to contribute mine for the sake of posterity:

1. Online services replacing Office continue spreading, making MS Office and Windows useless (except for the browser of course).
2. Google partners with Apple to build and sell minimal (and really cheap) boxes including a reduced version of Mac OSX only including a (decent == firefox) web browser.
3. Nobody buys any MS product anymore.
4. MS is dead.

I have a variation with 2 being Google developing its own OS bundling Firefox and making a partnership with Dell for the cheap box.

So what about you? What‘s your best “Microsoft will die” scenario?

– note: I’d like to come up with a nice Google will die scenario as well, just for equity, but I don’t have much imagination.


2 comments so far

  1. […] decades now, technology pundits everywhere — some, no doubt, with their arms open — have predicted the demise of Microsoft. Yet, despite a plethora of apocalyptic predictions and near misses, it […]

  2. candice on

    i think in 15 years google will die and whats ms????????

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