Java Developers are S&M Amateurs

Replace: the whip with any J2EE server ; handcuffs with Maven (but Ant would qualify as well for the ones with fur on theS&M Teddy inside) ; leather or latex underwear with several kilobytes of XML configuration files ; 4 or 5 layers of abstraction with hot candle wax ; ropes with meta-meta models. You get the idea.

So please, keep development simple and stop tolerating the pain. There are solutions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the Java language as such is bad, it’s just overused. Java isn’t the solution to any single problem, there are better and more specialized tools. Who really needs a full J2EE server nowadays (for any other purpose than using it because you bought it)?


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  1. afsina on

    well, EJB3 in an app server is pretty good comparing with toys you mentioned. Java is indeed overused for some things, but it fits well for most of the things that “better” cannot even come close.

  2. mriou on

    Good for? The only thing I can think of is relatively easy clustering. For the rest a Spring based thing is a better choice IMHO.

  3. afsina on

    mriou, well, if you have a server does stuff other then serving web pages, if you will need to have sessions, or non-web client applications, you will have problems with spring+Servlet container approach. Spring is good for many things, but not for everything.

  4. mriou on

    I do not share your point of view. I’ve used Spring in a Swing project and that was quite easy (at least on the Spring side). For sessions you can easily register the beans you want to retain in a simple map using any serializable key (and prototype style beans). That’s much easier than SFSB. At least until you start worrying about clustering…

    I’m not a strong advocate of Spring, it has some painful things around the corners as well but I think that generally speaking it does a better job than J2EE.

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