Cerberus: Continuously Test in Ruby

Just came across this nice software on RubyForge while I was looking for some Continuous Integration solution for Ruby and more specifically Rake. Check out the web site and this post about Cerberus. Looks promising and could be a good match for Raven.


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  1. Anatol Pomzoov on


    Cerberus does not have Raven support right now. But it would be very easy to do. Cerberus created with easy of extensibility in mind. So I dont think that adding Raven to Cerb would take more than 1 hour.

    You could contact me and we discuss how it could be donw in the best way. Right now I am finishing Perforce support in cerberus and then I would have free time and I need fresh ideas for Cerberus.

  2. mriou on


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