Book Writing

I’ve been offered to write a short book about Raven by APress. And have been writing for about 2 weeks now. I think it’s a great thing for Raven, the availability of extensible documentation and best practices as a book is a really important step for the maturity of every technology. Plus I get to work on my writing skills, which, as you might have noticed, isn’t a bad thing either.

The principal issue I had with this is that it would slow down development on Raven. But after giving it some thought, it also brings a really good chance to reflect on what I’ve done so far and to see what I could have done wrong. It can also show what are the obvious missing parts as the narrative of the book should make that obvious. Spending far more time thinking about code than writing code is in my opinion a prerequisite of good software, especially when you write in Ruby as it’s usually very tight code. So in the end I think it’s actually an argument for the book more than against it. And I’ve already pulled up a couple of cool additional thing (my writeup on JRuby should give you an idea about one of them) so I guess I’ve already proven myself wrong.

So far I’m pretty surprised by the writing experience. I thought it would become quickly a pain, requiring a lot of motivation but actually I’m enjoying it. I even wish I could get an unlimited amount of time to work on it and refine every sentence. But then I wish I could have an unlimited amount of time for pretty much everything.

So if you want to enjoy my prose in a more extensive way than these few lines, start saving some bucks every month. A couple less cigarets. Just a tall late instead of a venti at Starbucks. Skip a day of doughnut. Walk or bike to work if possible two days a week. See, I care both about your health and your wallet.

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  1. […] for a while and the main reason is that I’ve been pretty busy. There’s been some book writing (getting closer to being published, I’ve finished most of the content), a lot of Apache ODE […]

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    Thank You

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