Trivia Tag

I’ve been tagged by Assaf Arkin. As the game goes, I’m supposed to give you 5 little-known facts and tag 5 other innocent victims (I feel like the tv game guy repeating the obvious rules every single day).

  1. Definitely boxer, no brief.
  2. I wax it carefully twice a week.That’s my surf board of course. Waves fascinate me, I could freeze my ass off (Nor-Cal) watching big waves breaking and a huge swell rushing toward the beach. But my wife enjoys the warmth of cloth stores much more.
  3. I’ve been playing bass guitar for 4 hours a day minimum every single day during 2 years. That was about 7 years ago. And no, I wasn’t really assiduous at school.
  4. I snore when I’m drunk (but hey, who doesn’t?).
  5. I have the memory span of a fish when it comes to anything that isn’t related to a computer. I’ve lost a lot of money because of it. The most classic example: draw money at an ATM, leave with the card but without the money. Lost maybe 4 or 5 watches (which explains why I don’t wear one anymore). I have to keep on sending e-mails to myself to remember things and I still forget. Drives my wife crazy sometimes.

And the innocent victims are going to be Antonio, Alexis, Rousette, Paul and kofno.

Pic by doc 18.


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