No JRuby Upgrade For Me

Just when I had the integration of Raven with JRuby 0.9.1 finished, the good folks of JRuby released a new version! As I always like to be on the cutting edge (in this case bleeding, read on…) I’ve tried the upgrade.

A couple of things are definite improvement. First it could be an impression but the execution seems slightly faster. It’s still pretty slow but not as much as the previous version I think (I’m running on Java 5). Second they seem to have incorporated most of my past issues so I could remove a couple of nasty worarounds from my code. So far so good.

But then there’s a couple of disappointments as well. Anytime you use Ruby Gems the following message appears (twice):

<pre><code>tempfile.rb:54 warning: JRuby does not currently support defining finalizers<code><pre>

Not so nice. And the worst thing for Raven is that environment variables usage aren’t working anymore so I can’t get a value for the user home. This seems to be a known issue but that blocks me nonetheless as I can’t think of a good workaround. So no JRuby 0.9.2 for Raven, I’ll wait for the next version.


3 comments so far

  1. Anders Bengtsson on

    About the “JRuby does not currently support defining finalizers” warning: It didn’t support them in 0.9.1 either, the only change is that it now warns about it when you try to use them.

  2. mriou on

    I know but it’s just a drag that it nags you anytime you use Ruby Gems. It’s just one of these warnings that are more annoying than useful.

  3. Charles Oliver Nutter on

    The finalizer warning should be gone in a future release (probably 0.9.3). I just felt very nervous about having finalizers quietly fail, since that leads to tempfiles not getting cleaned up, etc. It was a worrisome state of affairs, so the warning seemed warranted.

    In the future, we’ll try to provide a mechanism for turning off such “over-cautious” warnings, so they don’t get in the way of other applications working.

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