Linux Is Beautiful, Especially With Windows Software

This a post where I’m going to say a lot of good things about a commercial product. However I don’t work for the product company, nor do my 16 years old brother, my mother or my wife. I’m not paid for writing whatever I’m going to write, I’m a free man (well, a married free man). Plus, given the popularity of my blog, this post wouldn’t worth more than 50 cents which is far under my minimum donation threshold of $20 or 17 euros (payable by wire transfers).

I’m a Linux user for quite a while now and have always been annoyed by people sending me videos or documents that are Windows specific. You know, these very interesting PPS. However for most of these there’s an alternative like OpenOffice for the aforementioned document types. However it’s not perfect, the document will never look quite the same which can be really annoying. I also have a personal weakness for which I haven’t been able to find a workaround so far: M$ Money.

But all these problems are now history, once again the pinguin wins! I’ve rediscovered CodeWeavers CrossOver and it’s really great. It wraps Wine with all kind of goodies so that you don’t spend a whole week to get something starting but crashing every 2 minutes. To install the Office suite for example, just give it your installation CD or the setup executable. Then it runs the Office install. Exactly the same one. And the Windows reboot simulation is only 5 seconds if you see what I mean.

I’ve also found a solution to my nasty M$ Money addiction by switching to Quicken, its pretty similar and also runs on CrossOver. Life is so beautiful sometimes, I’m almost crying. I can even run Internet Explorer with Beryl transparency! But I don’t do use it too often, who knows, a worm could sneak in.

Now I can say that I’m really a free man (well, free from W$, as I’m still married), I can run everything from my beloved kubuntu. No more dual boot. No more old laptop running Windows. Happy ever after.

By the way, to finish the commercial review, I didn’t break my wallet. CrossOver is only $40 which is about two minimum donations or one generous one.

Update: I’ve just found out that CrossOver also supported iTunes. It’s an older version (4.9) but that doesn’t matter much. The point is I can now stream to my Airport Express wih Linux! No more buggy and unsupported raop_play for me.


8 comments so far

  1. assaf on

    I guess from all the excitement, the last $M tripped and fell on its head

  2. Alexis on

    looks great!
    May be the end of those annoyances that stop me from switching to Linux.

  3. FilipeAlvesFerreira on

    I will try it very soon.

  4. mriou on

    Assaf: Very good one!

    Alexis: I think you’re more an Apple kind of guy.

    Filipe: Enjoy!

  5. Alexis on

    @Matt: sounds a bit reproachful. should I take offense? Think twice before answering because I plan to bring you a Champagne millésimé, but I may change for a fragrant munster…

  6. mriou on

    Only half offense, OS X is a pretty good OS as well. It was more a reference to your artistic work. So the Champagne millesime is definitely a good idea.

  7. madbull on

    Question: How about playing movies… I recently loaded Ubuntu, but I don’t use it enough because @ home, I spend most of my time surfing the internet. When I try to play movies or even wma music files, I have issues under Ubuntu. Apparently the software required is not freeware, and the blackmarket versions didn’t run for me.

  8. mriou on

    You’ll probably want to have a look at this guide:

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