Java Gems Repository

Thanks to a very nice donation from Tom Ayerst, there’s going to be a central repository of Java Gems. I’m currently running a small script that gets all jars from Maven repositories and wraps them in a Gem. Those are going to be published on a public website. So very, very soon you will be able to get jars by using RubyGems! And using Raven is going to be even easier!

You won’t have to build your own Gem repository anymore, one is going to be provided. It’s just going to be about writing:

dependency ‘compile_deps’ do |t|
t.deps << [{‘commons-logging’ => ‘1.0.4’}, ‘commons-pool’]
javac ‘compile’ => ‘compile_deps’

And voila! The missing libraries will be installed in you local gem repository automatically from the central one and used from there by Raven. Just one more thing before I let you go: yes, Raven has a dependency management system similar to Maven, but NO Raven isn’t like Maven. It’s a totally different beast and if you’re not convinced, just give it a try.

Thanks again Tom!

Picture by alphadesigner.


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