JRake and Raven Are Now One

We’ve been discussing and sharing thoughts for some time now with Matthew Foemmel on various problems all related to building Java code using Rake. And it’s been quite an interesting discussion. As we realized that our visions and interests had a lot in common, we decided that our respective projects, Raven and JRake, could be merged into one. Working together, we’ll probably be able to build a much better tool. Besides, it’s always more fun to collaborate, share code and ideas.

For pragmatic reasons, meaning that it’s always a pain in the ass to find a good name, development will happen within Raven. Not that Raven is such a good name (it’s actually far too close to Maven, people seem to think it’s a Maven clone even if it’s actually a totally different beast ) but at least it’s there. So we’ve already started doing some stuff for a future 2.0 branch. Pretty exciting stuff.

I’ll blog more about what we’ll be working on, the improvements and new features that are coming. I believe Matthew is going to do the same on his blog so you can already update your RSS reader. Building Java code is definitely going to become easier and easier…

Picture by superlocal


7 comments so far

  1. tnlessone on

    great to hear!

  2. bo on

    AMAZING! That is exactly what I wanted to hear, convergence of these projects to create one unified standard

  3. Tom Ayerst on

    Congratulations guys, I shall look forward to developments

  4. mriou on

    Thanks Tom! I’ll try to blog about what we’re working on this week, there’s a lot of good stuff!

  5. Eric Armstrong on

    Terrific news. I look forward to the results.
    From my personal viewpoint, though, JRake is a much
    better name. I learned about Rake from Martin Fowler’s excellent articles, and became a huge fan as soon as I began working with it. As soon as I saw “JRake”, I knew immediately what it was–because of course all things JRuby or Java start with a “J”.

    On the other hand, I know nothing of Raven. That probably means I’m clueless. But what I’m suggesting is that it’s a numbers game. Whichever name means the most to the largest segment of the population, that’s the one to go with.

    So of the two, I prefer JRake. But here’s another one for your consideration: JMaka (Jamaica, J-Make-ah).

  6. Random on

    So… how is the grand unification going? Any progress? I just started a project that needs some serious build automation and now that jruby has a complete compiler…

  7. […] (fully wrapped by Spring 2.0.2 and later) didn’t actually mention JRake (which I see has now merged with Raven), but the talk did remind me of it. (More on this later: I think it well worth pursuing […]

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