The World Doesn’t Wait

The following charts illustrate the evolution in concentration of carbon dioxid in the atmosphere and the temperature across thousands of years. The data come from verifiable and scientific sources so you can check by yourself if you want.

This first graph shows a record with both carbon dioxide and temperature that illustrates the strong correlation in the evolution of these two parameters (click on the image to zoom in).

Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Record

This little red arrow in the upper right corner is a bit puzzling. So let’s have a better view of the CO2 level by itself:


In short the maximum amplitude ever observed has doubled in less than 200 years. Basically the difference between the upper part and the lower part of those peeks means several meters of ice on top of a lot of people’s head. I let you imagine what this translates into when it’s a rise of temperature instead of a decrease (the temperature has barely started catching up on the CO2 level). But of course it has nothing to do with human activity.

The U.S.A. are responsible for 24% of the total quantity of CO2 emitted (data of year 2002) with only 4.6% of the world population. By comparison the European Union emits 15% of the total CO2 for 7.5% of the world population (and are working on it) and Japan 5% for 1.94% of the world population (and are working on it).

There are 2 possible ways to react to this:

  • Deny, who knows, the world might be flat after all.
  • Despair, screw everybody including our children, we all die someday anyway and drink more whisky in the meantime.
  • Do something about it.

If you like the third option better it’s not that complicated, just do your homework and vote for someone with the political will to do something. Choose anybody, I don’t care, but choose well (maybe you can avoid those whose campain is heavily financed by major oil companies though).


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